Viperio members to compete in Benelux Invitational

Viperio Twitch streamers Brandon 'hypeRR' Knaapen & Jeffrey 'Peper' Blackstone, have both been invited to the Valorant Benelux Invitational tournament, hosted by VALORANT Benelux Community, a platform by

The event, which features 10 teams all lead by a popular Benelux Streamer, will occur on Friday 15th May from 7pm.

Christopher Sword commented:

"It's always great to see members of Viperio be invited to tournaments. It shows that their hard work is paying off, as organisers see them as influencial figures within their markets." - Christopher Sword, Managing Director at Viperio

We'll be posting updated on the progress of both #TeamHyperr & #TeamPeper as the two try to lead their squads to victory.


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Chris Sword
Managing Director Viperio Esports

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