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Following from Viperio’s 0-2 defeat versus Icelandic team 🇮🇸 Dusty in Group B of the NLC Division One Qualifier, we spoke to Viperio League of Legends Team Manager Alan Reid to hear his thoughts after the best of two series.

Community perception of Viperio’s roster for the qualifier placed Viperio in the list of lower calibre squads going into the tournament. Alan Reid acknowledged this, stating that “expectations from outside of the Viperio camp were low“, with many vocal individuals writing the team off before the qualifier began. Alan Reid and the players however were of a different view, and were “optimistic” going into the first games of Group B. Unfortunately due to complications, with a need for Head Coach Hevinix to step in as Support, Viperio were on the back foot from the begining. Early mistakes in both games meant that Dusty could punish the Viperio side, ultimately taking the series 0-2.

Alan highlighted newest addition, Thomas Goh as a pivotal player during the best of two series.

“Thomas is the clear MVP of these two games, finding solo kills against Warszi as Le’Blanc.”

Alan believed that there were signs of Viperio in both games, where the team “could come back, but unfortunately with early plays going against us, our squad got too far behind to make up for the lost lead.

Alan took a lot of positives from the series, stating that despite some poor individual performances, team synergy and communication was good.

“If I’m to be honest, given the circumstances, I think we played well as a team. While there are individual player problems which need to be addressed, these games were winnable. Coming into tomorrow, we have a couple of ideas which we will be able to execute.”

Alan closed his discussion stating that despite yesterday’s result, “optimism and morale is high” within the team. Viperio are back in action once again tonight, with another best of two series versus Norwegian organisation 🇳🇴 Bifrost at 6pm (BST).

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.