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As we move into December, 2021 could not be any closer. Scheduled to start in February, the UKEL Season 4 will be Viperio’s next chance to push for a league win, and a chance at promotion into the UKLC (UKI Division One).

Alan Reid, General Manager for our League of Legends division, has been trialling a number of potential applicants for the past few weeks, including both new recruits from all regions, and players from last season, who have been working with Alan on their individual development.

This morning, Alan tweeted that he seems close to completing a roster:

With a completed roster nearly in sight, Viperio is close to moving into a new stage, focusing on building the team’s image prior to competition. The support structure, consisting of Alan Reid, Grant Hill, and recently announced James Woodland, will continuously work with the players to put them in the best possible position come week one of the season.


Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.