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Following the announcement that 🇩🇰 Hasse “Hasse” Høgsberg Holm would be returning to Viperio as our starting Support on a 12 month contract, we asked Alan Reid, General Manager of Viperio League of Legends for his views on Hasse’s extension.

“Hasse brings in experience which helps bring a team together. From a disappointing week one, to an admirable second place in the regular split, Hasse has now experienced what UK competition is like.That’s experience we want in Viperio. Coupled with his demeanour and skill, while understanding the systems in Viperio and his acceptance of our coaching methods, I was very glad when Hasse accepted our offer to join Viperio for one year.”

Committing to a 12 month contract means we’ll see Hasse under Viperio for both the upcoming summer split and spring 2022. Alan Reid was very keen to find players willing to commit to more than one season, so that they could work with the  coaching staff over an extended period of time, to better improve their individual ability and team chemistry.

“I believe it is on us and teams in the league, to work on developing players, to be competitively ready for the next stage of their careers. If the issue in the UK is the lack of talent, be it foreign or resident, we should be looking for more than three month contracts.”

Alan has told Viperio that his preference is to find players willing to work with him and the organisation long term, rather than think split-by-split. This is so that the coaching offered to players doesn’t go to waste, and allows Viperio to see results months down the line.

“With the team of coaches at Viperio, the aim should be to help players become as good as possible with the time we have with them at Viperio. One year gives us a lot of time to foster players skills while ensuring players don’t need to keep looking for new teams over and over again within the off season.”

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.