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After 2 years of service, Viperio League of Legends Team Manager Alan Reid will be stepping down by mutual decision at the end of 2022.


The decision comes following Alan’s desire to focus his time and effort outside of esports, and as Viperio re-evaluates it’s approach and position as a UK League of Legends team moving into the new NLC hierarchy. The changes to the UKI Nordics competitive ecosystem present an optimal opportunity for a reset of approach, as Viperio look to remain a key player within UKI League of Legends community.

Alan Reid first joined Viperio back in the Summer of 2019, acting as Team Manager of our UKEL Season One roster, which went on to win the inaugural season of the UKEL, which was a league which acted as the UK Division Two competition at the time. After taking a brief break during UKEL Season Two, Alan went on to manage our roster’s efforts in the UKEL Seasons Three & Four, securing us 3rd/4th & 3rd respectively. Alan also led our League of Legends division during our Summer 2021 run, which saw Viperio compete in the UKLC for the first time since the league’s inception.

Christopher Sword, Founder & Managing Director of Viperio stated:

“It saddens me to see the end of Alan’s time here at Viperio. Having invested countless hours and money into our League of Legends project over the last 2 years, Alan has been an influential figure within the organisation, and has played a significant role in shaping Viperio into what it is today. I would like to personally thank Alan for his efforts, and truly wish him the best of luck in whatever is next.”

We asked Alan Red to reflect on his time at Viperio, to which, he gave the following comments:

Time flies in esports. I can remember taking the wrong train after leaving from work, with a message from a friend telling me “you should try to manage again”. When I opened Twitter, I saw a message from Aether, asking to look for a general manager. I thought why not.

From winning the UKEL 2019, nearly upsetting to get into the UKLC at 2020, to a fairly fun UKLC Summer 2021 run, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep up with the UK scene. The freedom to do what I wish, was what interested me with Viperio and I honestly feel I wouldn’t fit very well anywhere else. Trust me, I tried and that didn’t go well. The NLC demands managers who have the time, skills and know how, to navigate and build the best teams possible around them. I believe it’s time for myself to give someone else a chance, who has more to give than me. The NLC Calibrations made that very obvious to me.

I’d like to thank Viperio for the opportunity to manage it’s teams. I thought I’d only be around for one split but for it to be for two years was wonderful. For all the troubles that happened recently, it pales to comparison the great times we’ve had. To manage players trying to do the thing I once tried to do. To be the best. Now it’s someone else’s turn.

Alan ‘Coldbolt’ Reid will remain a name that springs to mind when thinking about Viperio, especially within the League of Legends community. A likeable personality and hardworking individual, Alan will be missed by all at Viperio.

Moving into 2022, Viperio have already began looking for a replacement for Alan Reid, hunting for someone to take a leading role in driving our League of Legends project, as we compete in the new NLC Division Three this Spring. We encourage anyone interested in joining Viperio League of Legends from a staffing perspective to reach out as soon as possible.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.