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After starting the UKEL regular season with a 0W-2L, with defeats against LDN UTD & Lucendi in Week One, we approached Alan Reid, Team Manager for Viperio League of Legends, to give comment on whats happened so far.

When asked about how he thought the team had performed so far, Alan agreed with public perception that the team is not currently performing at the level expected of the team. When asked why this is, he believed that the team were overcomplicating things in Week One, with a need to simplify Viperio’s game plan moving forward.

“We’re trying too much at one time so we have plans to simplify some processes. While we want to have as many options on the table as possible, that ideology leaves a lot of variables to tackle. By taking some away, we can improve on the strengths that we have while reducing the number of weaknesses we tackle.”

Without a win, some may question whether roster changes are needed, however Alan believes it is too early to make changes to the starting five.

“I have the components of a great team. After losing to both LDN UTD and Lucendi, myself and the coaching team have a better grasp of what our team identity should be.”

Alan believes that right now, the players need to have a continued focus on improving individually, and that the staff in Viperio should focus on making it all work as a team.

Alan commented that while Viperio have lost our first two games, he isn’t worried about the situation. Alan said that he did come into this thinking we’d have at least one win by now, but believes that the learning from two losses early on are key to solving problems now, rather than later in the tournament, leading into playoffs. Both Alan and the players collectively agree things need to be done better if they wish to perform to the best of their ability.

“I have great confidence in this team. The best part of working with this set of players is their willingness to work together and find solutions. We’ll get to where we need to be eventually.

Looking at our upcoming matches before the season midpoint, Alan believes that Mythos are emerging as a team, standing out as a challenger.

“Mythos seems to be the most interesting team as of now. They’re very proactive on the map and know how to rotate well and that looks to be thanks to Hevinix. Over the next couple of weeks, their macro is only going to improve and their champion pool diversity should grow, making it harder to play against them. It’s going to be a lot of fun playing against Mythos, a bit of a nail biter for me.”

Viperio’s fixtures this week are against Munster Rugby Gaming on Thursday, and Hyve Central on Saturday. Viperio play Mythos at the start of Week Three.


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