With over 7 years of history, Viperio has had a great journey to date. In its earliest of days, Viperio was simply a group of 13-year-old friends from Newcastle Upon Tyne who wanted to be unified under the same name when playing video games. Since then we’ve grown into a structured organisation, with high calibre teams and staff who have pushed us to European Championships in some of the world’s most popular games.

In April 2020 we welcomed Gareth Sissons-Rowe, a talented visual strategist and esports veteran, previously managing various teams including London Lynx. When evaluating our previous branding, there was no plan. The previous logo was made in a day with no real meaning behind it, and while it had become a recogniseable icon within UK esports, it wasnt optimised for use in 2020.

As we look to grow into one of the leading esports clubs in the United Kingdom, we need to have a developed brand strategy to help us on this journey. We wanted to embrace our heritage.

Gareth gave the following commentary:

“The new identity system celebrates the origins of the team, the Angel of the North is an icon monument in British Culture, and we have married this with our existing ‘V’ mark which our players, streamers, community and sponsors have come to love and recognise.”

“The result is a monogram that is more distinctive, more rememberable, clear and adaptive to deal with all types brand activation. Complete with a range of supportive wordmarks, typefaces and visual frameworks that will give Viperio a crisp, intuitive appearance and tone of voice in an ever-changing Esports Industry.”

– Gareth Sissons-Rowe, Head of Brand at Viperio

We’ve also thought about what does Viperio mean? While we dont want to change the name that has been used since our inception, with no meaning behind the word, it was down to us to give it definition within its setting.

With this, we now have 5 core values which we feel best represent the brand:

Seize the Moment
To have the courage to pursue the play, back your teammates through it and take risks. Exciting matches are made by those willing to seize the moment. We apply this all aspects of life. No mountain is too high, and no ocean is too deep. Only those who make brave decisions rise to the top.

United in Victory
The culture of winning begins with accepting that championships are won by all and not by one. The supporters, the coaching staff, the players; no member of the team is too small. The hard work behind the scenes is never overshadowed by the victory of those in the spotlight.

Hungry & Humble
We strive to be better in all aspects of life, both inside and outside of the game. We are humble when victorious, and gracious in defeat. Success is a two-step process: to have the drive & hunger to reach the top, then the modesty & humility once we get there.

The Northern Grit
The northern grit is the notion of when the going gets tough, we get going. We navigate the harsh and ever-changing environment of Esports by motivating one an other to overcome any challenge. Our northern spirit and community ethos bring us together, creating a catalyst for success.

Take the Stairs
A motto we live by, the assumption is that the journey to the top is a ladder. It’s not. It’s a set of stairs that goes in every direction. You have to go down some to go up. We take the stairs every time. We embrace the journey in all forms to learn, recover, challenge, accept and find form.

We hope that the refresh allows existing followers to continue to connect with the brand they have previously represented, followed or seen as a competitor, but also allowing us to unlock new opportunities, and expose ourselves to a wider audience.

Stay tuned for more announcements, as we continue to transform Viperio into the club we envision it to be.

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Conor Rabbett

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.