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We spoke with Viperio player 🇸🇪 Jimmy ‘Ariant0‘ Husseini ahead of the first matches of ESEA Season 35 Main (Europe). The Swede also gave insight behind recent roster moves, including the recent pickup of North American 🇺🇸 Kevin ‘Magic‘ Simpson.

You have some well known opponents early on this season (YaLLa & Divizon). How are you feeling going into the Winter Season?

We are feeling good going into the season. As with any roster changes, it has been hard to find the right player, yet we had faith and hopefully our completed line-up pays off.”

“Looking at the teams in the league, we dont really feel like anyone is a major threat. We are going to approach every opponent the same way he always have. If we play like we should, I do believe we can beat most of the teams in this league”.

You’ve had some recent roster changes, most notably Magic joining the team. Can you provide any insight around this?

“Unfortunately one of our players left us 2 weeks before the start of the Winter ESEA Season. I’m not going to lie it was tough for the team. We’ve been lucky to get Magic, a NA FPL player that is coming to the UK to study. I feel like the pickup is for sure a upgrade to the team due to the tier of competition he is used to back in his home country.”

“We’ve practised for 2 months straight and due to COVID, everyone has had a lot of time. At our busiest, we practiced for 15-22 each day with one hour dinner break.”

Who is the player to watch out for on the team?

“Everyone has been improving individually so I dont think there is anyone specific to watch out for. Everyone in the team bas the ability to win us a game.”

“If I have to say someone it has to be 1TWIG. He is a player that can do everything, one of the most versatile player on our squad. I think he will do some wonders this season.”

Do you have any additional comments for readers?

“I want to thank Viperio for beliving in us. We know it could be a tough season due to recent changes, but we will work as hard as we can with a goal to get that playoff spot.”

You can follow Jimmy on Twitter: @Ariant0cs

Gareth Sissons-Rowe

Head of Brand at Viperio.