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We spoke with Viperio Managing Director Christopher Sword about the UKEL Season 3 Regular Split & Playoffs, to get the perspective from a management level on Viperio’s performance in the league.

From your perspective, has Viperio’s run in the UKEL Season 3 been a success?

“After finishing 8th in Season 2, we had hit rock bottom performance wise. Going from winners of the UKEL’s inaugural season to last place in the following season was not the storyline we aspired to create.”

“This meant that we had an opportunity to bounce back, as anything better than the season before would be an improvement. While the team are disheartened at not making the UKLC Relegations Cup, avoiding relegation and guaranteeing a spot in either league was my priority. That would mean all the time and effort would be rewarded by continuation of our LoL division. Finishing in the upper half of the table is an added bonus in my eyes”

What are your hopes for UKEL S4?

“My goals for S4 will be pretty similar to S3. Ideally I hope to push for a spot in the UKLC Relegation cup, and once again have a chance at a promotion, but our main objective is to be able to continue for as many splits as possible, and this is only achieved by avoiding relegation each season.”

With the announcement that Academy teams can enter the UKEL Qualifiers, what is your take on this?

“I can’t really be against it as given the opportunity, I would take it as its a beneficial move for any organisation that can capitalise on it.”

“Like many people, my view is that increased competition gives more opportunities for improvement rather than allow people already involved in the scene to further increase their presence & power. I guess we’ll have to see how many qualify, and the impact they have on the league in 2021.”

You can follow Christopher on Twitter: @chrisrsword



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