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Viperio CSGO have decided to make a roster change going into the second half of ESEA Season 29. Anton ‘asdf‘ Svensson will now step down to a sub role, and former player, Maximilian ‘Tiriz‘ Högberg, will be replacing him on the starting five.

Viperio CSGO currently have a 4W/1L record in ESEA Intermediate, and are hoping to make playoffs in order to qualify for ESEA Advanced or Main next season.

The teams roster on ESEA now consists of the following players:
 Filip ‘Englund‘ Englund
 Isak ‘Isak‘ Fahlén
 Adam ‘bq‘ Bergqvist
 Alexander ‘Redzy‘ Johansson
 Maximilian ‘Tiriz‘ Högberg

 Anton ‘asdf‘ Svensson
 Emil ‘Saru‘ Bjerrum

 Elias ‘Pawn‘ Alm (coach)

Be sure to follow the players, and follow @viperioesports to stay up-to-date with the teams progress.

Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.