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In early August, we announced our intention to expand our support structure and utilise the League of Legends off season to further develop our players in preparation for UKEL Season 4. The extended period of low activity allows us to really focus on the team’s issues, to ensure an increased chance of success in the ever more competitive UK scene.

As part of this expansion, we’re delighted to announce that esports veteran Grant Hill will be joining us as a performance coach for Viperio League of Legends.

Grant has worked in esports since 2010, previously managing EU LCS Team Supa Hot Crew in 2014, as well as working under Team Acer & Dignitas. He is currently a professional caster within StarCraft 2.

Grant Hill representing Team Acer

When asked about where he thinks he can best help our players, Grant said the following about his plans as a performance coach:

“I’ll be focusing on mindset, communication & personal development, teaching the players how to become stars” – Grant Hill, Performance Coach, Viperio LoL

As an organisation, we’re really excited to have someone with years of experience on board to help shape our League of Legends division for the Spring 2021 split.

You can follow Grant on Twitter: @grantsc2

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.