Yesterday, our Fortnite Duos competed in Week Two of the Fortnite Champion Series, and online Duos tournaments hosted by Epic games.

We had one duo competing this week:

 Viperio Lame
 Moe40 (Orgless)

Unfortunately,  Viperio DylanA &  Viperio Delly were unable to compete this weekend due to unforeceen personal circumstances.

Games started slow this week, with some mistakes early on. This unfortunately meant that no matter how well the duo would perform in later matches, they would struggle to reach a score worthy enough to quality this week. Similarly to last week, multiple mistakes meant that there would be no qualification for Viperio in Week Two.

Christopher Sword commented:

“The players can only try their best with the hand they’re dealt. Fortnite has an element of luck, and this combined with factors such as connection issues can mean even the best of players fail to quality. With distractions such as the COVID-19 pandemic as well, all I can ask is the players try their best, continuing to practice and perform.” – Christopher Sword, Managing Director

Only DylanA & Delly will be competing in the FNCS Week Three event starting Saturday 4th April. You will be able to watch the games via our Twitch team page. We’ll continue to post further updates on our social media channels.

Conor Rabbett

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.