Viperio CSGO played 3 matches in their 2nd week of the Gfinity CEVO CS:GO Spring Series Main Division. The team had a 0W/1L record going into the week and had the task of playing 3 games consecutively on one day.


Thursday 19th July (Week 2:1) – Viperio vs Represent Gaming
Our first match of the day was against Swedish team, Represent Gaming. At the time of the match, both teams had a 0W/1L record in the season. The best of one series was played on de_overpass. Viperio took the first pistol round, allowing us to get 4 rounds early into the game, however, Represent Gaming had a very strong CT side, meaning the first half finished 5-10 in favour of Represent. Again, Viperio won the pistol, meaning they only dropped one round on their CT side against Represent. The game finished with a 16-11 score line in favour of Viperio.


Thursday 19th July (Week 3:1) – Viperio vs Berzerk
Berzerk, a Swiss-German line-up was Viperio’s 2nd match of Week 2 of CEVO Main. The series was played on de_cache. Similarly, to the previous game, Viperio started off well taking the pistol round, as well as the following 5. Berzerk then began to stabilise their economy, and then began to dominate the remaining rounds of the half. The score after 15 rounds sat at a close 7-8 in favour of Berzerk. The Swiss-German team continued their dominating streak from the first half, resulting in a quick finish to the game. Viperio were defeated with a final score of 8-16.


Thursday 19th July (Week 1:2) – Viperio vs Enraged
After previously being awarded a default win against Enraged the week prior, the CEVO Client nulled the result and re-scheduled the game. The game would be played on de_mirage. Enraged started with a very dominant performance in the first half despite losing the pistol round to Viperio. They managed to keep resetting the Viperio economy, resulting in a 4-11 first half. When playing on the CT side, Viperio matched Enraged with a dominant defensive side, however, because of such a heavily weighted first half, Enraged took the match with a close score line of 13-16.


Viperio finished Week Two with a 1W/3L record. Fixtures for Week Three are as follows:

Thursday 26th July (Week 3:2) – Viperio vs ZYLEX Esports @ 9pm (CET)

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Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.