Today, we’re announcing a roster change we have made to our active H1Z1 team. Viperio have decided to release Turkish player, Ege ‘Reje‘ Oktay, in order to acquire a former player from our danish line-up which saw success in Revenge EU Tier 1. We’re happy to welcome the return of William ‘Natic‘ Gustav Buch Rühne to our starting five. Natic will be joining the German squad in Revenge EU Tier 2 with imidiate effect.

Our Chief Business Development Officer, Brodie Mulvaney, had this to say:

“We’re always looking to push new boundaries with our teams, and acquiring talented players is one of the most obvious ways to progress in a scene. With the return of Natic, we’re hoping he brings some new firepower to our current roster, with the hopes of finishing higher in the standings in upcoming seasons.”
– Brodie Mulvaney

Our roster now consists of:
 Ahmed ‘Ereeo‘ Yüksel (c)
 Clemens ‘Barzzor‘ Mertens
 Max ‘Kranee‘ Lohse
 Ajdin ‘Lynixer‘ Masic
 William ‘Natic‘ Gustav Buch Rühne
 Harry ‘Dizko‘ Souroukides

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Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.