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Viperio streamers, Jeffrey ‘Peper’ Blackstone & Brandon ‘HypeRR’ Knaapen, were both invited to compete in the PlayValorant NL Benelux Invitational, a tournament where 10 streamers from the region were to compete against eachother for the top spot. Each streamer was to create a team with players of their chosing, to compete in a streamed two day tournament.

In case you missed the action, the final placings for members of Viperio were as follows:

1st – Hyperr with #TeamHyperr
2nd – Peper with #TeamPeper
(Out of 8 teams)

Christopher Sword, Managing Director for Viperio, commented:

“It’s great to see Viperio streamers doing well. They both placed at the top and had high viewership on their individual streams.”
– Christopher Sword

Whether both Jeffrey & Brandon will continue to compete is to be confirmed, but for now, Viperio are on top in the Benelux Valorant scene!

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.