Starting on the 29th July, Viperio began it’s run in the United Kingdom Esports League (UKEL). In week one, the team started of strong and won its debut game againsts Lions Creed. In week two, we faced off against Radiant Esports who ended up taking the game, leaving us with a 1W-1L record going into weeks three & four.

Week Three: Viperio vs Mythos
Despite the unexpected loss against Radiant in the previous week, our roster was always regarded one of the strongest in the league. Going up against Mythos, Viperio were favourites for the match.

Viperio played well, managing to work well as a team. The game was pretty back and forth as Mythos put up a decent fight, however our experience showed as we began to take back a lead moving into thelatter half of the match. Ultimately, Viperio took the win, and pushed us one step closer to the top spot of the standings.

Week Four: Viperio vs NSG Esports
Coming off a win, our players were feeling pretty good going into week 4. Although NSG took their first win in their last match-up, upsetting RadiantEsports, Viperio were clear favourites going into the series. We had a new player standing in for us, FrovenLoL, a very experienced jungler.

Viperio started extremely strong. From the first few minutes it was clear on stream that we were outclassing NSG in all fights. The game was very short, and the viperio roster stomped on NSG. The game was over and we had just obtained our 3rd victory in the UKEL.

Going Forward
Viperio move forward with a 3W-1L record. On Monday 2nd September, we’ll play our 5th game against former UKLC team Bulldog Esports at 9:00pm (BST)

Conor Rabbett

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.