After focusing on university CSGO leagues from fall 2018 till now, we’re excited to announce our return to the wider CSGO scene with the acquisition of “VajagSalabotBehu“, the 2nd ranked Latvian CSGO team on HLTV.

The team currently sits 2nd in HLTV’s Latvian Region Rankings

The roster consists of:
 Artūrs ‘Field9‘ Alksnis (19)
 Uģis ‘ShiNiii” Sproģis (18)
 Oskars ‘ComputerGeek‘ Jaunslavietis (19)
 Dāvis “devour” Salenieks (24)
 Artūrs “ZEPRii” Adamovičš (17)
(player names re-direct to HLTV profiles)

The team hopes to qualify for the BESL Pro League, the highest division of competition for Latvia, Estonian and Lithuania. This is also Viperio’s first acquisition of a team from the Baltic region.


Our Chief Executive, Christopher Sword said the following:

“When I was contacted by Artūrs [Field9], I was instantly attracted to the team. Any team which get’s featured on HLTV is an instant flashing light. I’m excited to work with this team as we try to establish Viperio as a strong brand within the tight knit Latvian CSGO community.”
– Christopher Sword, CEO Viperio


The team wil act as Viperio’s primary CSGO roster moving into 2019, with our university CSGO roster continuing to play under the Viperio Team Durham brand.

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Conor Rabbett

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.