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We’re happy to confirm that our Swedish CSGO line-up, who represented us in the Main division of the Gfinity Spring Series, have signed another season with Viperio.

The team will be competing in ESEA’s Intermediate division, due to ESEA no longer accepting applications to ESEA Main. This is a minor set back for the team, as it means we’ll have to work our way up the divisions.

The team’s goal is to win ESEA Intermediate, and qualify for ESEA’s Advanced division. If this doesn’t go to plan, both the team and organisation are confident the team will qualify for next season of ESEA Main.

We’ve also made some roster changes in preparation for the upcoming season.

Please welcome Alexander ‘Redzy‘ Johansson, who will be replacing wald1 on the primary line-up, and Emil ‘Saru‘ Bjerrum, who will be the team’s substitute for the ESEA season.

The roster now consists of:
 Filip ‘Englund‘ Englund
 Isak ‘Isak‘ Fahlén
 Adam ‘bq‘ Bergqvist
 Anton ‘asdf‘ Svensson
 Alexander ‘Redzy‘ Johansson

 Emil ‘Saru‘ Bjerrum (sub)
 Elias ‘Pawn‘ Alm (coach)

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Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.