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As Viperio H1Z1 aim to work their way up the Revenge EU H1Z1 Tier 2 rankings, the team felt that expanding their line-up to consist of 6 players would allow for more roster flexibility.

With this decision, Viperio are happy to welcome Harry ‘Dizko‘ Souroukides to the squad.

To clarify, Dizko will not be joining as a substitute player. The team will operate as a 6 man roster, deciding who will be playing each day based on availability and current form. Although primarily a german line-up, the team communicates in english, meaning the brit should transition into the line-up with ease.

The roster for the remaining Revenge EU Tier 2 season is as follows:

 Ahmed ‘Ereeo‘ Yüksel (c)
 Clemens ‘Barzzor‘ Mertens
 Max ‘Kranee‘ Lohse
 Ajdin ‘Lynixer‘ Masic
 Ege ‘Reje‘ Oktay
 Harry ‘Dizko‘ Souroukides

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Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.