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Viperio are happy to announce that our halo division will be attending the Halo Championship Series Open event at the Gfinity Arena in London this September.

Our roster for the event will consist of:
 Darren ‘LooneyDogzz’ Pritchard
 Josh ‘Squashy‘ Greener
 Freddy ‘Deadeye‘ Barnard
 Steven ‘Outkast’ Graham

In addition to this post, the team are searching for a coach for the event. To register your interest please contact Darren via Twitter: @looneydogzz

Viperio’s Managing Director has this to say:

“We’re delighted to be competing at another Halo event of this calibre. The production, the level of competition and the supporters always make official HCS events a great experience for the players and spectators. I’m happy we have managed to keep 3 of our players from the start of the year, meaning the minor roster change of Outkast replacing Genius hasn’t negatively affected the rosters performance.” – Christopher Sword

The team will be competing in all the online seeding cups in order to gain every advantage for the open bracket.

For updates:
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Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.