Viperio joins UKEL and looks to rebuild LoL division

With the UK League of Legends scene taking a boost since the launch of LVP's United Kingdom League Championship (UKLC), it has been in the interest of Viperio to rebuild our League of Legends division to try and earn a spot in the tournament.

We're happy to announce that we've been accepted into the United Kindgom Esports League (UKEL) League of Legends tournament as a founding team. The league, which will act as an unofficial UK Division 2, will allow non-UKLC teams to compete with eachother in a competitive environment, with the intention of trying to qualify for the above division in the future.

The teams accepted into the UKEL's first season are as follows:
 Clique Esports
 Bulldog Esports Academy
 Lions Creed
 Mythos Gaming
 Nuclear Storm Gaming
 Radiant Esports

You can find out more about the league, it's structure and the teams involved over on the UKEL website:

With our spot secured, we're currently building a new LoL roster. We will be announcing players over the next few days. Anyone interested in getting involved is encouraged to contact us asap via email: [email protected]

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Chris Sword
Managing Director Viperio Esports

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