After attending the epic.LAN Grosvenor CSGO Qualifier in in Newcastle, Viperio Team Durham, our university CSGO team, placed 4th (out of 7).

The event was the first LAN tournament for most of the university students. The tournament operated with a round robin format, with top 2 teams playing in a Best of One grand final. During the swiss stage, Viperio went 3W/3L.

Standings after the round robin stage were as follows:

1st/2nd. CeX Esports (5W/1L)
1st/2nd. Bowlcut Bandits (5W/1L)
3rd. SuckMyGlock (5W/1L)
4th. Viperio Team Durham (3W/3L)
5th. Washed Up geordies (2W/4L)
6th. Trailer Park Boys (1W/5L)
7th. eMazing (0W/6L)

In the playoff final, CeX Esports defeated Bowlcut Bandits.

The team is planning on attending another offline event before the end of the academic year. More details on that will be released closer to the time.

Conor Rabbett

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.