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Viperio recently competed in the Esports Championship Series Season 6 EU Qualifiers, and managed to place 5th-8th out of the 512 teams that entered the qualifier tournament. Here is a summary of our match-ups & results from the tournament:

Tournament Roster:
 Filip ‘Englund‘ Englund
 Isak ‘Isak‘ Fahlén
 Adam ‘bq‘ Bergqvist
 Anton ‘asdf‘ Svensson
 Alexander ‘Redzy‘ Johansson


Round of 512: Bye

Round of 256: Viperio vs Opinion (16-7, de_inferno)

Round of 128: Viperio vs IRL Players (16-12, de_mirage)

Round of 64: Viperio vs GamrZone (16-6, de_inferno)

Round of 32: Viperio vs Maestro (16-8, de_mirage)

Round of 16: Viperio vs Windigo (16-14, de_mirage)

Quarter Finals: Viperio vs Lyngby Vikings (0-2) HLTV

Map 1: Viperio 10-16 Lyngby Vikings on de_inferno
Map 2: Viperio 10-16 Lyngby Vikings on de_train


We asked Filip ‘Englund‘ Englund some questions about the event, and the team’s performance:

Viperio beat Windigo 16-14, the 37th ranked CSGO team in the world. Was this a surprise? Why do you think you won?

“I don’t think it comes as a suprise when it all comes down to a Mirage BO1, where everything can happen and this time we put up a really good T side and managed to pull of the win. Everyone had a really good game with good individual performances and team communication.”

“And as we knew Windigo is a really experienced team we always knew there were a chance they could come back because of it, so we all focused really hard and everyone really wanted to win so thats why i think we were able to pull it off!”


After being knocked out by Lyngby Vikings 0-2, do you feel there are issues with the team that need to be fixed moving forward?

“The only issues we have as a team is that we haven’t really put down time and practice like we would with our new player, and too perform like this without really practicing really gives us motivation to start practicing more.”


The team placed 5th-8th, along with ence (15th in world) & Spirit (28th in world). Do you feel that this event has proved you’re as good as these teams, or would you say the bracket played a large part in your success?

“No, I dont think we proved that we belong to the tier of these teams, but I doo think this was a good step forward for us and sort oof an confirmation that we have what it takes to actually put up a fight versus better teams.”

“I think the bracket for us was really good, we faced some good teams with some experience from hltv matches, so i dont really think it was an easy kind of bracket like most peoople think we had!”


Viperio will be competing in the 2nd, final qualifier on the 22nd September, with hopes of another high placing, or even qualification for the ECS Season 6 Challenger Cup.

Be sure to follow the players on Twitter, and follow @viperioesports for team updates.

Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.