One of our most popular titles in recent years has been H1Z1, and since the departure of our former Danish line-up, we’ve been eager to make a return to the scene. Today, Viperio are happy to announce our return with the acquisition of a German H1Z1 team, formerly known as Vantix Esports.

The roster consists of:
 Ahmed ‘Ereeo‘ Yüksel (c)
 Clemens ‘Barzzor‘ Mertens
 Max ‘Kranee‘ Lohse
 Ajdin ‘Lynixer‘ Masic
 Ege ‘Reje‘ Oktay

The team is currently competing in the 2nd division of Revenge EU’s H1Z1 leagues, after placing mid table last season, safely avoiding relegation. The team will begin competing under the Viperio brand with the hopes of qualifying for the division one league in the next couple of months.

We’re excited to see how this team performs, and hope the resources and encouragement here at Viperio help them perform to their absolute best.

Follow the player and Viperio on Twitter for updates: @viperioesports

Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.