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As an esports club, we’ve always had an interest in League of Legends. It is regarded as one of the top esport scenes in terms of levels of competition, investment & structure. because of this, it makes sense to return to the LoL scene, focusing on the newly revamped UK competitive system.

We have seen past success in the UK scene, with 3rd & 7th-8th place finishes at 2 Insomnia LoL Open LAN events.

Ideally, we’re looking to create a team which is pushing the upper levels of competition in the United Kingdom. We’re aiming to acquire a stable roster, and acquire staff/analysts which can help the team progress and develop over time.

We currently have an odd mix of resources available to us. Although financial investment will be low to start with, we do have potential for bootcamp periods in our Durham house at certain times of the year, and our management will actively be looking to increase investment once a team is brought on board.

If anyone is interested in applying as a team, or, joining Viperio as League of Legends Staff/Management, please contact us via email:

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.