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We’re happy to announce our halo team will be competing in the newly established Halo league hosted by European Esports Gaming. The league will consist of 8 teams competing for a €100 prize pool. The league will start as soon as the 8 teams are finalised by the organiser.

The current team list is as follows:

  • Viperio
  • TeamEvoGaming
  • VFL Esport
  • Turkish Delight
  • Bionic Nation
  • Zealous Esports
  • Inversity
  • TBA

The remaining 3 slots are open to any teams wishing to sign up. For details visit here.

Our CEO, christopher Sword, had this to say:

“At the moment, there is a very low amount of opportunities for halo teams to compete regularly in the EU halo scene. With EEG starting this Halo league, it gives our players a chance to stay active and continue to develop as a unit.”

– Christopher Sword, CEO of

Our roster for the tournament consists of:
 Freddy ‘Deadeye‘ Barnard – @deadeyefred
 Josh ‘Squashy‘ Greener – @squashy_joshy
 Stuart ‘WarLord‘ Graham – @xl_warlord
 ‘Shaady‘ – @Shaady__

For updates, be sure to follow our twitter: @viperioesports

Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.