We regret to inform you that Louis Galloway, commonly known as ‘Recless’, has decided to quit his duties as Head of Media to persue other opportunities outside of esports. Louis had been part of the organisation on and off for many years, recuiting and managing streamers under our creator team. He was also the person behind the scenes for many of our official broadcasts on our viperiotv twitch channel.

We wish Louis the best of luck in his future endeavours.

With this being said, we’re excitied to announce his replacement. Conor Rabbett, a well known member of the GFuelEnergy photography team, will be joining our management team as the new Head of Media for Viperio.

Christopher Sword, Founder & CEO of Viperio, said:

“It is a real shame that Louis cannot continue under the Viperio organisation moving forward. He contributed a lot of his time and effort to help Viperio grow, and for that, I personally thank him. Conor instantly asked me about the role upon hearing the news, and I instantly knew he was the best internal replacement. His keen eye for photography and excellent video editing skills will allow us to develop the quality and quantity of content produced by the club.”

– Christopher Sword, Founder & CEO of Viperio


Check out some of Conor’s past work below.

Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.