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Viperio are always looking to grow, whether thats by acquiring new staff, new teams, or personalities. We’ve been contacting a few people, and we’d like to announce 2 new streamers coming under the Viperio brand.

We’re happy to announce that popular dutch streamers, JSanta & PeperTV, will be joining the Viperio media team. Both streamers are Twitch partners, and regularly stream on the site.

We spoke to JSanta, who is a former H1Z1 player for Viperio, about his views on joining the organisation again:

“It feels good to be back under Viperio. I took a short break from gaming and streaming, and i’m now looking forward to pick it all up again. I’ve made huge progress in the non-digital life, now its time to get back and dominate the online life once again!” – JSanta


Be sure to follow both of them on Twitter and Twitch!



Christopher Sword

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.