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As we look to improve Viperio from both a business & esports performance perspective, we’re hunting for specialists who can focus on particular areas of our operations in detail. In the modern world, being able to collect, store and analyse data is of great value. Data is generated from our personal lives, business activities, and the games we compete in.

We’re happy to announce that Matt Foggon will be joining Viperio as Senior Data Analyst.

Matt, a local to Newcastle Upon Tyne, has worked as a systems and software engineer for global companies including British Engines & Matt has years of experience, and will be helping us gain insights from an operational perspective, helping us improve our business model, and from an esports perspective, allowing us to better understand our official matches & competitive performance.

Christopher Sword commented:

“I’m delighted to have Matt join us at this exciting time. Having someone with his skillset join our team will undoubtedly help our organisation extract dalue from the data we generate.”

“I’m particularly excited to get some dashboard created, utilising tools such as PowerBI to visualise our in-game data, helping our teams understand their performances better than ever before.”

– Christopher Sword, Managing Director at Viperio

You can follow Matt on Twitter & Twitch, and reach out to matt directly via

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.