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In November, we announced our plan to recognise a follower who has gone above and beyond, crowning them the Viperio Fan of the Year. As an organisation we’re really keen to interact with our community, and highlight fans who have stood out to multiple members of the organisation.

We are delighted to announce 🇬🇧 Aston Wilson as the 2020 Viperio Fan of the Year, and the first ever fan of ours to receive this recognition award. Known online as Hex, Aston stood out to multiple members of the Viperio management team, for being a name constantly in our notifications, and one of the most active users on our community discord.

When asked about how it felt to receive the recognition, Aston said:

“For my support to be recognised, I’m really happy! Viperio are a super friendly team and always interact with their community on both their discord and twitter. Out of all the supporters they have, for me to be crowned as top supporter for 2020 really is something.”

Despite Viperio operating since 2013, Hex is a relatively new follower of the team, however he hasn’t let this stop him from being one of our best supporters.

“I think it was February / March where i found Viperio on TikTok, and Chris seemed like a really nice guy. I decided to follow on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and joined their Discord. I’ve loved Viperio ever since.”

As a smaller team, VIperio are always grateful for those that support us in our early days. When asked about why Aston follows Viperio over other teams, he commented:

“I support Viperio more than bigger teams, and other teams in general as their interaction with supporters is amazing. Their management and members are also amazing people, i feel like i have made a strong bond / relationship with Viperio as a whole. The team put a lot of work into Viperio, which I really respect.”

As with any team, we value our fan’s opinions, as they are the ones that enable us to operate. We asked Aston about what he wants to see from Viperio in the future:

“In the future, i would love to see Viperio get even bigger and have a larger audience, maybe even see some discord community nights or just more community events in general.”

Once again, we would like to wish a special thank you to Aston for his support throughout the year. You can follow Aston on social media:

Twitter: @hexV0
Instagram: @hexxgg

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.