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British CS:GO player 🇬🇧 James ‘bevve‘ Slinn joins Viperio CSGO in place of 🇬🇧 Javier ‘Ping‘ Griffiths, who moves to a substitute position following personal circumstances.


Viperio are delighted to welcome UK player 🇬🇧 James ‘bevve‘ Slinn to our CS:GO team’s starting line-up effective immediately. 🇬🇧 Javier ‘Ping‘ Griffiths, who joined Viperio following the acquisition of orgless roster SOS, will move to a substitute position on his own accord due to personal circumstances.

Bevve is no stranger to UK esports, having competed in various UK tournaments both online and offline. He has competed in past seasons of the ESL Premiership, and Bevve also won the most recent EPIC.LAN with mix team “The Neighbours”, alongside notable players such as Th0mas & Smooya.

With much of the UK CS:GO community curious to see what team would be blessed with his presence, we asked why he chose Viperio over other offers from teams in the UK and also Europe. Bevve stated:

“When I sat down and thought about all available options, it was clear to me that I have unfinished business domestically. The current Viperio roster is one that I have wanted to work in for a long time and I have extremely high expectations moving into the Spring season.”

When it comes to expectations, Bevve is very much aligned with his new teammates, wanting to take each game and tournament as they come:

“I don’t want to set my own goals yet. While joining a new team can be quite a daunting process for some, that isn’t the case for me. For now, my focus is on performing in our upcoming fixtures. Every game matters and I’ll focus in that way: game by game and playing each like its my last.”

Bevve will make his debut for Viperio today in the European Pro League Season 5, versus Invictus International at 11:30am (GMT). Further details related to the fixture can be found on HLTV.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.