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With MnM Gaming & cowana Gaming qualifying for the UKI Nationals Premier Division Summer Finals, Viperio 86 as the last eligible team, earned a spot in the European Challenger League 2021. In a post-game Twitch interview, UKI Rainbow Six commentators Ollie ‘XRTROIKA‘ Hatton and Jack ‘Fresh‘ Allen gave their views on Viperio 86’s qualification for the league, with both excited to see the team in action later this year.

Ollie ‘XRTROIKA‘ Hatton was keen to express the scale of the achievement, stating that the players should be “very proud” of their performance this UKIN season, and for taking the qualification spot:

“It’s very substantial, and I think that Viperio 86 ought to be very proud of themselves… It’s the hard work they’ve put in at the front end of the [UKIN] season thats really given them that springboard towards the end. Massive congratulations to those guys, and I’m gonna look forward to watching them in CL.”

Jack ‘Fresh‘ Allen followed up, stating that Viperio 86’s consistent performance throughout the season helped them defeat every team, except European League team Natus Vincere. He even went as far to suggest the term “Big Four”, placing Viperio 86 in the group of top teams competing in the UKI Nationals Premier Division:

“They started well, and they didn’t let their standards drop. It’s as simple as that. They beat everyone but NaVi. They deserve that spot, they did so well. Do we start using the term big four now, because they look like they’re not going anywhere?”

You can watch the original Twitch clip of XRTROIKA and Fresh by clicking here.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.