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As the Founder & majority owner of Viperio, I am thrilled to reflect on the past year and all that we have achieved. 2022 was without a doubt our best competitive year to date, with Viperio pushing new tiers of competition across Rainbow Six, Counterstrike and Street Fighter. Our players and staff have worked tirelessly over the last year, once again making Ubisoft’s European Challenger league and finishing 2nd in our debut season of the ESL Premiership.

2023 is a significant year in Viperio’s journey, as in February the Viperio brand will celebrate its 10th anniversary. I remember starting Viperio as a 13 year old with a passion to run my own team. Now 23, I’ve been fortunate to learn so much from Viperio and work with many fantastic individuals along the way.

As a risk adverse individual, my approach to esports to date has been quite conservative, sticking to what we know and what has worked in the past. This approach has played a significant role in helping us survive for as long as we have, but consequently restricted how fast we could grow as a team.

Until recently, we had always taken a safe approach to investing in our teams and building rosters. However, we made the decision last year to increase our spend in order to fuel our growth and give us the calibre of talent we needed to compete at the highest level. From bringing onboard world class players such as Lucas “Hungry” Reich to signing the UK’s second best CSGO line-up, our profile as a team brand has definitely elevated across the recent summer and winter season.

As I look towards the coming year, my focus will be to maintain the levels of success we have worked so hard to achieve. At current, I have energy intention at continuing our involvement across Rainbow Six, Counterstrike and Street Fighter as we’ve formed strong bonds with their respective communities. While the esports landscape is constantly evolving and the competition is only getting tougher, I am confident in Viperio as a business and committed to helping those under our brand be the best they can be. I am excited to see what the future holds and can’t wait to see what new heights we can reach.

Here’s to a big 2023! #VIPWIN #TheAngels

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.