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For Game Day Eleven of the UK League fo Legends Championship (UKLC), Viperio have made the proactive decision to call up 🇮🇪 Darren ‘Dakin‘ Hopkins to our starting line-up as Jungler versus Enclave, with 🇬🇧 Paul “JonnyREcco” Whyte will move back into the sub position. 

Alan Reid gave the following insight:

“Dakin was the second person that I asked to join Viperio for the UKEL and with other options available, he gave us a chance which I’m grateful that he did. He’s got leadership qualities which helps direct the team regardless of the situation and keeps everyone in check. These skills are needed for Viperio in it’s current form and I believe we will see more fight coming out of the team now which is sorely needed. Jonny has been a fantastic player for Viperio. His insight and forward thinking gave Viperio an edge when we were winning. These skills unfortunately don’t come into such use whenever the team is having issues from behind. This detracts from Jonny’s skills which makes it the right time to bring in Dakin onto the main roster.

I’d like to thank Jonny for his swift re-entry back onto Viperio. There is no doubt that without him, we would not have four wins right now. He’s been a fantastic asset for the team.”

Tonight’s series versus Enclave will be Dakin’s debut series in the UKLC. We wish him the best in his first match for Viperio since Summer 2019.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.