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Tonight at 9pm, Viperio play their penultimate match of the UKEL regular season, with a rematch against division leaders Demise Academy.

Demise Academy line-up:

Top: 🇵🇱  Wojciech “Typiczny” Maziejuk
Jungle: 🇬🇧 “Leon”
Mid: 🇬🇧 “Kourosh”
ADC: 🇬🇧 Harry “Fuyu” Rowan
Support: 🇬🇧 “LittlePants”

Prior to the split starting, Demise Academy were ranked a top 3 team going into the season. Their impressive record has cemented them as the regular season winners, with a strong chance of success going into playoffs. While the roster cannot qualify for promotion, the line-up are looking like a strong contender for winning playoffs.

Previous Seasons

Demise are not a new organisation to UK league of Legends, having competed in the above UKLC with their main roster for multiple seasons. Their Academy roster joined via the UKEL open qualifiers in Summer 2020, making Spring 2021 the team’s first season in the league.

Season 4 Performance

Demise Academy are currently division leaders, with a 11W-1L record. In their previous fixture against Viperio this season, Demise Academy came out on top.

Game #1: Demise Academy (W) vs. Hyve Central (L)
Game #2: Munster Rugby Gaming (L) vs. Demise Academy (W)
Game #3: Demise Academy (W) vs. LDN UTD (L)
Game #4: NerdRage (L) vs. Demise Academy (W)
Game #5: Demise Academy (W) vs. Lucendi Gaming (L)
Game #6: Viperio (L) vs. Demise Academy (W)
Game #7: Demise Academy (W) vs. Mythos Gaming (L)
Game #8: Hyve Central (W) vs. Demise Academy (L)
Game #9: Demise Academy (W) vs. Munster Rugby Gaming (L)
Game #10: LDN UTD (L) vs. Demise Academy (W)
Game #11: Demise Academy (W) vs. NerdRage (L)
Game #12: Lucendi Gaming (L) vs. Demise Academy (W)

Key Takeaways

  1. Unless demise lose both of their remaining two matches, they will finish 1st in the regular season standings.
  2. Viperio are currently on a 6W streak. If they defeat demise, they will tie with Demise for the longest win streak in UKEL history.
  3. Demise Academy have made a roster change since their last fixture against Viperio, with a new top laner (🇵🇱  Wojciech “Typiczny” Maziejuk)
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.