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Currently on an undefeated streak after game days one and two, Viperio sit in second place behind Natus Vincere on round difference. Ahead of game day three, we spoke with import player 🇫🇷 Yanis ‘OhDraw‘ Otmani to find out how he feels the team has performed so far this season, and his feelings ahead of Viperio 86 vs. MnM Gaming.

Talk about Viperio 86 versus Victus. How do you think the team played, and was the end result what you expected?

“We expected a great series versus Victus, and they put up an impressive performance against us. Our mentality throughout the match was great, and that composure really helped in the rounds that mattered. It allowed us to pull off a great comeback.”

What is the current feeling like within the team? Do you feel like you’re finding form now, or do you still need time to develop?

“I personally had a really good showing in the EU Challenger League qualifiers. I feel like in UKIN however, I’ve had a slow start, but thats because I am still developing as a player. The main concern is just winning each match as it comes, and thats what we’ll continue to try and do.”

Looking ahead to MnM Gaming, how do you feel Viperio 86 compare to the Challenger League squad?

“MnM are a great team, but I will always have confidence in my team. If we are on our A-Game, we can pull off a win against any team.

You can follow Draw on Twitter: @ohdraw__

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.