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Due to a family emergency within the last 24 hours, Viperio 86 player 🇬🇧 Layton ‘Layton‘ Goldring is unable to play in today’s UKIN Premier Summer Finals matches.

Ubisoft have approved the use of an emergency substitute for Viperio 86, so that the team can continue to compete in today’s upcoming matches. Viperio 86 will be using 🇬🇧 Alex ‘Quick‘ Watson as our 5th on today’s starting five. Quick is known for previously competing in the PG Nationals Legaue, most recently for Outplayed. Viperio are grateful to Quick for stepping up on such short notice.

Viperio send our best wishes to Layton and his family. Viperio also thank Ubisoft for their understanding of our situation.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.