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Prior to last night’s 7-3 victory versus TENSTAR, Rainbow Six caster 🇬🇧 Gerry Brazell has some positive words to say on stream about Viperio 86 coming into the UKI Nationals Premier season. In the Twitch clip, Gerry began by praising the choice of team name, stating that the use of Viperio 86 was a “nice” way to bring together the existing reputation and fanbase of the squad formerly known as Team 86, and the Viperio organisation.

Gerry moved on to comment on the roster’s ability, referencing their UKI Nationals Division Two performances as an indicator of their potential.

“This [Viperio 86] team are just monsters honestly… they tore apart UKIN Division 2.”

Gerry further went on to comment on the performance of previous teams to promote from the UKI Nationals Division Two into the Premier Division, stating that he didnt believe Viperio 86 would follow the “curse” that teams such as Vexed seemed to suffer from.

“We’ve seen it before where teams like Vexed come top of UKIN Two, and then they struggle in UKIN One to put anything coherent together, and they don’t live up to the hype. I think that these guys are going to reverse that curse. They’re gonna make a big splash, and you’ve got to watch out for all of them.”

Gerry further commented on the individual players on the Viperio 86 side, highlighting 🇬🇧 Angus ‘Mello‘ Russell & 🇬🇧 Callum ‘Neonical‘ Humphreys, who both have previous experience competing in the UKIN Premier Division.

“We know Mello can gun, we know Neo can gun, they both have UKIN Division 1 experience. These other names also have experience in the scene. Any game they play is going to be an exciting one.”

You can follow Gerry on Twitter: @GerryCasts

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.