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During Game Day #9 of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Northern Premier League (NPL), commentator Gerry Brazell had a lot of positive comments to say about Viperio 86 following recent roster changes and a victory versus Ambush.

When discussing the off season with NPL host Iain Chambers, commentator Eoin “Dean0” Deane and Coalesce player Nixon, Gerry highlighted that he thought Viperio 86’s addition of Lucas “Hungry” Reich was the most significant roster change ahead of the remaining NPL fixtures.

“Hungry moving to Viperio 86. They were already on a good trajectory and he might be the element that pushes them over the edge. We already saw them beat ambush today, I’m so hyped to see them up against Victus, TENSTAR, those teams pegged for those CL spots. I think Viperio 86 came out of the transfer window looking the best.”

Original clip: Twitch

Hungry, who has previously played for PentaTeam Vitality and most recently G2 Esports, brings years of experience to the Viperio 86 roster, having previously competed at world championship level events including the Six Invitational in 2018 and 2019.

Hungry delivered on expectations being the joint highest fragger across both Viperio 86 and Ambush in his debut fixture with 12 kills.

Gerry did go on to highlight other members of the Viperio 86 roster, stating that some members of the squad, most notably Gruby, often get overlooked when discussing the team and performances.

“Gruby today had an exceptional game for Viperio 86, and we didnt event get a chance to bring him up on the desk because there were other names to throw about. He’s been really solid throughout the season, and we’ve kind of overlooked him a bit.”

Original clip: Twitch

Viperio 86’s next fixture is tonight (15/06/22) at 6pm (BST) versus Coalesce, in the team’s firxt rematch fixture of the regular season.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.