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On Thursday 7th January, Viperio’s reserve mid-laner, 🇬🇧 Harry “Sykes” Sykes informed the organisation that he had received an offer from UKLC team Enclave, to join their starting line-up for the Spring 2021 season. Harry has decided to accept this offer.

Harry first joined Viperio in June 2020, ahead of the UKLC Summer 2020 Open Qualifiers. Harry stayed with the organisation, playing as our starting mid-laner for the UKEL Season 3 (Summer 2020). Since then, he has been working closely with our staff team under the impression he would be playing as a substitute for our roster in the spring split.

When asked to reflect on his time in the organisation, Harry commented:

“It was fun playing with the guys. I wish them luck in the split.”

Christopher Sword, Founder & Managing Director of Viperio said:

“Its great to see Harry get the opportunity to compete on a starting roster the UKLC. While I’ll be sad to see him go, its a great chance for Harry to show of his skills and I wish him the best of luck.”

Viperio already have a reserve mid-laner to fill Harry’s space on our reserve roster, who will be announced prior to roster lock.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.