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With the ever rising popularity of esports and gaming entertainment, many are looking to get their big break as more and more opportunities arise for streamers. One of these streamers looking to make their hobby their career is Viperio Twitch streamer  🇳🇱 Brandon “Hyperr” Knaapen.


Brandon is 26 years old, and lives near Gouda, Netherlands. Like most, he started with very humble beginnings in 2017, with a budget PC and monitor setup. Though streaming, he’s been able to reinvest in his hobby to improve the quality of his streams, with use of both a gaming PC & streaming PC, multiple monitors among other upgrades.

In this post, we talked to Brandon about a typical day for him, as he balances a full time job and his passion for streaming.

Morning routine & work

Like most people Brandons age, he has a full time job taking up 40 hours per week. His regular weekday routine starts at 8:00am in the morning, where he wakes up and watches Youtube (mainly Apex Legends highlights) before starting his work shift at 9:00am as a logistics employee. Brandon usually has a healthy breakfast at 10:00am on his first break.


After working hard, Brandon’s work shift usually finishes around 6:30pm. In Brandon’s own words:

“After working, I race home to eat my dinner so I can start streaming right away!”

Once 7pm hits, Brandon loads up his PCs and begins streaming on Twitch. While he has no set schedule, Brandon streams most weeknights from 7 until late, playing games like Apex Legends & Valorant.

A Balancing Act

When asked about how he manages to balance both full time work & streaming, Brandon said:

“Working full-time and dedicating hours to streaming each week is hard work, and requires a strong drive. Fortunately for me, I’m a really energetic person who loves to entertain. The reason I go by the namer HypeRR is because I’m always hyperactive whether at work or playing games.”

Rests & taking breaks

Like everyone, Brandon is a strong believer that you need some downtime to avoid burn out. Brandon takes most Sundays off (away from gaming/streaming) to enjoy time with friends and family, however he never lies in, always being up before 9am even on his relaxation days.

When not gaming, Brandon likes to watch Netflix & and other streamers, including other Viperio streamer & close friend 🇳🇱 Jeffrey “Peper” Blackstone.

The future

With plans to continue streaming, Brandon looks to continue to grow his streams, with the aspiration to stream full time should the opportunity present itself. Keen to also stay a part of Viperio, Brandon is excited for the future and hopes you all continue to support him on his journey.

You can follow Brandon’s Twitch here.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.

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