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Nearing the end of Week Two, Viperio, currently 1W-2L in the UKEL Season 4 Regular Split, face of against Hyve Central in Game 4, another team also 1W-2L in the standings.

Starting line-up

Top: 🇮🇪 Sean “im wont lose” Kelly
Jungle: 🇸🇪 Gustaf “Wilhelm” Widehn
Mid: 🇮🇪 Daniel “Disco Dano” White
ADC: 🇮🇪 Dean “Vayne God” Murnane
Support: 🇬🇧 Alex “Mad Ting” Raitt

With core of this roster sticking together for a relatively extended period of time, the Hyve Central roster were top of many people’s tier lists as a team which should perform well in the UKEL.

Previous Seasons

Hyve Central are a new organisation to the UKEL, joining via the open qualifiers for Season 4.

Results so far

Hyve Central are currently 5th-7th in the UKEL Standings after Game 3, with a 1W-2L record in the regular season. Their individual results are as follows:

Game #1: Demise Academy (Win) vs. Hyve Central (Loss)

Game #2: Hyve Central (Loss) vs. NerdRage (Win)

Game #3: Lucendi (Loss) vs Hyve Central (Win)

Key Takeaways

  1. Also 1W-2L, Hyve Central will be equally as hungry as Viperio to take a win in this series, to avoid staying at the bottom end of the league table and any potential chances of relegation.
  2. Viperio performed a lot better in team fights in Thursday’s fixture against Munster Rugby, something which let them down in previous fixtures.
  3. Hyve Central most recently beat Lucendi in a relatively convincing fashion, a team which Viperio lost to in Week One.
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.