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For UKEL teams, no winter split meant a very long 6 month offseason. The league’s players were forced to sit and watch as the NLC/UKLC teams had the NLC Open to fill the competitive void going into the latter half of 2020.

We spoke to 🇬🇧 Paul ‘Jonnyrecco‘ Whyte, Jungler for Viperio’s League of Legends team, about how he’s spent the offseason, and how he’s used the time to raise his solo queue game.

What have you been doing during the off season to fill the time?

“I’ve mostly been taking a break. I was starting to get a bit frustrated with league towards the end of the season and felt that taking time off would help me have a mental reset so I could improve faster when I started playing again.”

“I’ve spent the time playing other games with friends, and I’ve put more time into learning guitar, playing songs that I enjoy. I also fit in a few league games here and there.”

You’re currently at your peak solo queue rank (Master 252), and currently ranked the 8th Best UK Jungler on LOLPros. How does this feel to be performing at your best right before Spring 2021?

“I’m quite happy that I’m at the highest LP I have ever got to before. While it is pre-season and perhaps games are slightly easier than during normal, I feel that my break has allowed me to see errors in my play to make corrections. I’ve had a more open mind going into the big item change update.”

“Im pretty confident I can carry that forward into the next season and perform well.”

As the only confirmed player on the Viperio roster for Spring 2021, what traits are you hoping potential teammates bring to the team?

“I’m looking forward to be playing with people who actually enjoy playing the game. I know myself league can get to you after a while so hopefully with the new season people are able to enjoy it again.”

“We’re looking for people who are able to adapt to the new changes quickly, plus those that bring a positive attitude into the game.”

We will continue to keep you updated with Jonnyrecco’s performance, as he continues to practice for the 2021 Spring Season of the UKEL.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.