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Viperio are delighted to announce that 🇬🇧 Paul “JonnyREcco” Whyte will move back up to Viperio’s starting roster, replacing 🇮🇪 Darren ‘Dakin‘ Hopkins for UKLC regular season game days thirteen and fourteen.

Alan Reid previously gave the following insight behind recent changes to the jungle position, stating that Dakin was originally brought up to the team after displaying desirable “leadership qualities”, which at the time, was something he believed the team was lacking. After an assessment of recent games, Alan and the coaching team believe JonnyREcco offered “insight and forward thinking”, which gave Viperio an edge when we were winning, which is needed if the team wish to maintain their position in the league.

This means our starting 5 going into the final two games of the season is as follows:

Top: 🇬🇧 Sean ‘Shieda‘ Hyde
Jungle: 🇬🇧 Paul “JonnyREcco” Whyte
Mid: 🇫🇮 Topi ‘Topi‘ Lantto
ADC: 🇬🇧 Ali ‘Coomecoom‘ Hadi
Support: 🇩🇰 Hasse “Hαsse” Høgsberg Holm

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.