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Two weeks into ESEA Season 37, Viperio have now played four of their regular season matches in the Intermediate Division for Europe. With a 3W-1L record, the Viperio side have started the season strong. We spoke to In-Game Leader 🇬🇧 Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett about how he feels the season has gone so far, and his feelings moving into future games.


“You opened the season with a victory against FK Ekranas. How did this feel at the start of the season?”

Kay: “It is always a good feeling to get the first win under the belt, it settles nerves, and it was even more rewarding under the circumstances. A good place to build from but everyone was very aware we had a lot to work on and a long way to go.”

“Your first loss was against Alcatrazz International. What do you think when wrong in this game?”

Kay: “We knew from practice that our CT-side was a point of worry, but had hoped it wouldn’t be exposed like it was. It was a massive learning curve and something we have been, and will continue to work on rectifying.”

“In your best of one series against Altum Esports, you played 59 rounds before taking the victory. What was it like playing in such a long match?”

Kay: “Yeah, a game that length is always going to be a challenge, especially mentally as it gets to the point that by the end of the first overtime or so you have showed your full hand, as have they and both teams are aware of this. Beyond that, and especially during the latter stages of a game that long the mentality battle is the key decider, something we would have previously struggled with, but with the roster as it is with the balance of youth and experience there was no lack of energy and calming influence when both were required.”

“Looking to the rest of the season, do you think you’re on track for a playoffs spot?”

Kay: “Yeah to say we’re are happy with how we achieved the results would be a lie, yet to be 3-1 obviously we are contempt with. Everyone knows we have a lot of work to do, and that’s what we’re challenging ourselves with at the minute, a challenge im confident we’ll be able to accomplish, so yes i believe we’re on track to get playoffs and challenge for that spot in the above leagues, its a good start and a strong place to build from.”

You can follow 🇬🇧 Kerry ‘Kay’ Bartlett on Twitter; @kayconterstruk

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.