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Viperio are delighted to announce that 🇵🇱 Hubert “Kazz” Dabrowski has extended his contract to become our starting ADC for the Spring 2021 split, competing in the UKEL Season 4.


Kazz originally joined Viperio in June 2020, and competed for Viperio in the UKLC Summer 2020 Qualifiers, and the UKEL Season 3. Kazz played all 7 regular season matches, as well as the playoff series against NerdRage. Following on from the Summer 2020 season, Kazz then moved to a development roster for the winter split in order to explore options, and improve at his own pace, however the organisation is now confident he is able to form a part of our starting roster for the upcoming season.

Alan Reid, General Manager for Viperio League of Legends, stated:

“Kazz is a very unique player in the UK scene. He has a lot of skills which includes shout-calling, draft knowledge and of course, his in-game skill.”

“While his current rank wouldn’t suggest much, building a team with Kazz brings coordination and a sense of realism. He’s also a great laugh to work with while being good at the game.”

“I’m very glad that Kazz took up the offer to play for Viperio early on the tryout stage. This made my job phenomenally easier and in return, i’ll build a team which Kazz can fully operate with.”

At the time of publication, Kazz is ranked the 39th best Polish ADC on, with a current elo of Diamond 2 (75LP). With Kazz confirmed as our starting ADC, our active roster for the UKEL Season 4 now consists of:

Top: TBA
Jungle: 🇬🇧 JonnyREcco
Mid: TBA
ADC: 🇵🇱 Kazz
Support: TBA

We will continue to announce players over the next few days. In the mean time, be sure to follow Kazz on Twitter & Twitch, to stay up-to-date with his content.

Note: Kazz’s eligibility to compete in the UKEL Season 4 is still pending league approval.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.