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After an impressive 16-11 victory on de_nuke against FURY Global, we spoke to 🇩🇰 Kristian “Kr1smo” Mortensen about the series, and the remaining matches this season of ESEA Main (EU) Season 35.

For the first time this season, Viperio looked dominant against their opponent, having the lead for the vast majority of the game. WHen asked about his views on the series, Kristian said:

“The game went very well. LJM called a great t-side, and we all had our fair share of good individual rounds. 1TWIG & I had a great game especially, but everyone did their job, and more.”

The series against FURY Global was Viperio CSGO’s 8th series of the season. The victory on de_nuke meant that the teams record currently sits at 2W-6L.

When asked about the current standing, Kristian said:

“I didn’t expect us to have this bad of a record. I would have thought based on individual talent of our players, we should be positive. A mix of frustration leading up to the season and lack of practice has held us back a lot. We are a team that needs a lot of practice.”

Completing our 8th fixture means that we’re officially past the half way mark for regular season. Confirmed opponents include:
🇧🇬 FRIENDS (3W-4L)
🇫🇮 SJK Esports (4W-4L)
🇩🇰 Erruption (2W-6L)
🇷🇴 cooL Gaming IDM (2W-7L)

When asked about upcoming opponents, Kristian commented:

“I don’t know much about these teams, but we can’t look down on anyone. No matter their record, we have to play our A-game.”

With Viperio currently in the bottom third of the standings, there is a risk of relegation to ESEA Intermediate for Season 36 next year. When asked about the potential of relegation, Kristain believed that the team would be able to hang on to their spot in ESEA Main:

“I think we can keep the spot, yes. If we want to stay up, it is going to require us to practice more, but we also need to be more confident in our ability. Confidence is a big part of the game, and it’s tough remaining confident with our current record.”

Viperio’s next fixture in ESEA Main is this Thursday against 🇧🇬 FRIENDS. You can learn more about this fixture via our match page.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.

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