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Following an impressive 7-0 victory against Team JLE on Game Day #4 of the UKI Nationals Premier Division, we spoke to current Viperio 86 substitute 🇬🇧 Layton ‘Layton‘ Goldring to get firther insight into how he feels the team are doing, and how the team feels ahead of its series versus R6 EUL team Natus Vincere.

A flawless game on game day four, 7-0 versus Team JLE. Can you provide any insight to why Viperio 86 were so dominant?

“In the matchup against Team JLE, the biggest strength was in our ability to win out gunfights. We didn’t allow Team JLE to pick up the kills they needed to see rounds out. Our individual skill throughout the team really showed through that matchup, showing how much we can turn up in important games. It’s still early days for our roster and that match up gives some insight into our future.”

Currently 4W-0L, is the team where you expected it to be by this stage of the season?

“We definitely expected to be one of the top contenders of the league. For every team we’ve played so far, we were confident we would beat them beforehand. Obviously we still have to play against teams such as Cowana and NaVi who will definitely be the hardest matchups of the league.”

Do you have a team mate that you think has really stood out as an MVP for Viperio 86 so far this season? If so, who?

“The stand out player for Viperio 86 so far has to be Curly. He’s the in-game leader, a support, and currently has the second best stats on the team this UKIN season. As for in-game, the energy Curly contributes to the team is unmatched in any player I’ve ever played with, able to induce a positive mindset on each player of the team no matter the situation.”

Looking toward the team’s next opponent, Natus Vincere. How do you feel Viperio 86 compare to the EUL side?

“Obviously the boys we’ll just take each round as it comes. Against a team like NaVi, we cant underestimate them, however like every team we play, we will always be assertive and believe in our ability to be able to pull through with another win under our belts. We certainly look to continue our current win streak.”

You can follow Layton on Twitter: @Layton_R6.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.