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The UKEL Season 4 Regular split is nearly upon us, with playing their first official league match of 2021 on Thursday 21st January, against LDN UTD. A victory against LDN UTD would set a great precedent for the season, especially when you consider that Viperio have lost their opening match in the past two seasons of the the tournament.

Let’s take a deeper look at LDN UTD

Starting Roster:
Top: 🇬🇧 Haidar “Viktorio” Hussain
Jungle: 🇬🇧 Mark “Mawa” Wade
Mid: 🇬🇧 Cameron “Articuno” Maguire
ADC: 🇬🇧 Ali “Coomecoom” Hadi
Support: 🇩🇰 Mikkel “The Heathen” Wiemann

Unlike most teams, LDN UTD have kept 100% of their starting line-up from the previous season. In comparison, while Viperio have retained 4 players from the last split (Zooky, JonnyREcco, Kazz & Penta), only JonnyREcco and Kazz have made this season’s starting roster.

Previous Season (UKEL Season 3, Summer 2020)
Regular season record: 5W-2L.
Viperio vs LDN UTD Result: LDN UTD Victory
Playoff position: 3rd/4th

LDN UTD outperformed Viperio in the Summer 2020 regular season, finishing 3rd overall in the standings. Viperio closely followed in 4th place after clinching a playoff spot with a 4W-3L record. During the regular season, LDN were victorious against Viperio.

Key Takeaways:

1. With LDN UTD keeping their core roster, there are VODs available for all teams to review. Unless LDN have significantly changed up their play style, they have a weakness in that there is a larger pool of historical data to analyse compared to other teams.

2. LDN UTD have had a full season and offseason to build team chemistry, iron out weaknesses and identify the teams best play style. They should be one of the more polished teams competing this season.

3. LDN UTD are likely one of the stronger opponents that Viperio will face this season. While the 14-game season allows for a slower start, both teams will be hungry for a week one win to get the ball rolling.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.