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Tomorrow on Saturday 13th February, Viperio play their first rematch of the UKEL regular season, with a best of one series against LDN UTD.

Starting Roster:
Top: 🇬🇧 Haidar “Viktorio” Hussain
Jungle: 🇬🇧 Mark “Mawa” Wade
Mid: 🇬🇧 Cameron “Articuno” Maguire
ADC: 🇬🇧 Ali “Coomecoom” Hadi
Support: 🇩🇰 Mikkel “The Heathen” Wiemann

Unlike most teams, LDN UTD have kept 100% of their starting line-up from the previous season. In comparison, while Viperio have retained 4 players from the last split (Zooky, JonnyREcco, Kazz & Penta), only JonnyREcco and Kazz have made this season’s starting roster.

Going of performance so far in Season 4, the move may not have paid off, as new teams such as Viperio, Hyve have been able to find their feet after a rocky start. The rematch against Viperio will be a real test to see if LDN UTD really are a contending team this season.

Previous Seasons

Regular season record: 5W-2L.
Viperio vs LDN UTD Result: LDN UTD Victory
Playoff position: 3rd/4th

LDN UTD outperformed Viperio in the Summer 2020 regular season, finishing 3rd overall in the standings. Viperio closely followed in 4th place after clinching a playoff spot with a 4W-3L record. During the regular season, LDN were victorious against Viperio.

Season 4 Performance

Despite starting strong with a victory against Viperio and Mythos in Week One, LDN have suffered in the latter half of their current matchups. They currently sit with a 3W-4L record at the season mid-point. Historical performance this season is as follows:

Game #1: Viperio (L) vs. LDN UTD (W)
Game #2: LDN UTD (W) vs. Mythos (L)
Game #3: Demise Academy (W) vs. LDN UTD (L)
Game #4: LDN UTD (L) vs. Munster Rugby Gaming (W)
Game #5: NerdRage (L) vs. LDN UTD (W)
Game #6: LDN UTD (L) vs. Lucendi (W)
Game #7: Hyve Central (W) vs. LDN UTD (L)

Key Takeaways

  1. LDN UTD defeated Viperio in Week one of this season, making the matchup record across all seasons of the UKEL 2W-0L in favour of LDN UTD.
  2. Viperio began to pick up in later weeks, winning 75% of their last 4 games in this season of the UKEL.
  3. Currently 5th-6th, LDN UTD will need to win this series if they wish to avoid falling behind in the regular season standings.
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.